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  1. My wife’s dance studio had a flat roof. It leaks almost directly below where the roof top air conditioning unit is. I had the roof replaced last fall. The leak is still there, in the same spot. It looks to be all sealed properly around the ac unit. It drips when it rains but stops when the rain stops. I am trying to figure out where the water could get in from. The roof top has two drains, covered with drain covers to prevent debris from going down the drain. I am wondering if there is a problem with the drains though filling up to quickly and not being able to handle removing the water. Any suggestions ? Thanks
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    • admin says:

      Hello Cartier, if you give us a call on 01206 386800 and ask for DBC, then we can have a further chat about this and get to the bottom of it. We are predominantly sound acoustic consultants though, so maybe contacting a builder would get you a slight bit more information on the matter.
      Thank you

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