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Noise Impact Assessments

May 20, 2013 0

At dBC we commonly undertake Noise Impact Assessments for proposed or existing installations. These assessments are the usual wish of the Local Authority who need to assess the installation’s environmental impact.

dBC works closely with Local Authorities and clients to understand the nature of any problem. We have an experienced and professional approach to assessment work and problem solving. We use recognized British Standards to determine impact. Our reports propose suitable noise mitigation measures if required. For challenging assessments, dBC uses noise modeling to further understand the situation. Noise modeling is helpful because it clearly shows how different noise mitigation strategies work.  Our Consultant’s reports are always well written and clear.

Similarly, developers may need an Environmental Noise Assessment for residential development. Again, at the request of the Local Authorities.  The assessment requires an understanding of the existing acoustic environment. Usual environmental sources we measure are road, rail and air transport, commercial and industrial. dBC uses environmental sound level meters to measure the noise at the site. Then, dBC would produce a clear, understandable report using the measurements and guidance in common British Standards and the Noise Policy Statement for England.

Following an assessment, we give clear advice and recommendations to ensure criteria are met for all parties.