Experts in noise, specialists in service

dB Consultation Ltd serves a very wide variety of service areas.  These cover acoustics in schools, hospitals, care homes, residential properties, industrial companies, the service industry to name but a few.  The list is endless.  We’ve even been into Buckingham Palace to perform a Noise at Work Assessment!

In an attempt to make this navigation through the website easier, we have broken it into three services;

    1. Planning Service Sector,

    2. Construction Sector and

    3. Industry Sector.

From these areas, you will be able to navigate through to the main area of your choice.  You might also be quite interested in some of the other areas which we get involved in as well.  These areas include Noise Impact Assessments, Planning Applications, Noise At Work Assessments, 3D Noise Modelling, Construction Noise Monitoring, Vibration Monitoring to name but a few.