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The industry is a huge sector, one which can be subdivided into several smaller categories, all still with potential noise problems.

Sometimes a factory has satisfied every aspect of the latest Noise at Work Regulations, but there are still other concerns due to excessive noise and/or vibrations whatever industry you are in.  Complaints may come about from neighbouring residents whose sleep patterns may be disturbed.  This is often caused by companies moving from a one or two shift pattern, up to two or three shifts in order to handle increased customer requirements.  Did you know that if you want to do this, you must seek adequate planning approval?

As with NPPF (formerly PPG24) or BS4142 noise surveys, an environmental or precision real-time 1/3 or 1/1 octave band noise analysers would be used to complete the study on the premises in question.  If the problem is of a vibrational nature, then a series of XYZ accelerometers or seismometers could be used to establish the exact cause.

Upon completion of the noise or vibration analysis, a detailed report would be compiled, complete with a full list of recommendations to rectify the situation.  If required, an after survey could then be completed to fully prove the conclusion and resolution of the noise complaint and to act as validation of the system.