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In 1989, the Noise at Work Regulations were implemented by the HSE.  Due to the common European Marketplace, the regulations were updated in 2005 (going live in 2006).  The changes included tightening of the daily and weekly exposure levels for employees.  The First Action Level has changed from 85dB Lex,8h to 80dB Lex,8h.  This is not only an effort to align the British industrial legislations with those of the rest of Europe.  Recently, there has also been extensive research conducted into workplace noise and work induced hearing loss.  Hearing loss is usually irreversible and always best to avoid it if at all possible.

Did you know that;

    1. it is estimated that more than 1 million employees are constantly being subjected to noise levels above the Upper Exposure Level in Great Britain alone in their workplace.
    2. The cost of lost productivity are also estimated to be in the region of £2 billion.
    3. A law suit for breach of the Noise at Work regulations can result in compensation claims of up to £108,000.
    4. Work Place Hearing Loss is the third highest cause of industry based lawsuits.

By controlling your noise at work, not only would your company reduce the risk to your employees for suffering with a preventable and usually permanent hearing issues, but it has been shown to improve productivity dramatically.  There are also other health related side effects of noise.  Constant exposure to high levels of noise can increase an employees chance of heart disease which caused more than 3000 deaths in the UK in 2006.

The figures surely speak for themselves.  If your company has not had a Noise at Work assessment conducted recently, then give us a call to arrange a meeting.

At dBC, not only do we have an extensive knowledge of acoustics and noise/vibration mitigation systems, we also hail from engineering backgrounds so we understand productivity, throughput, costs etc.  This appears to be an important difference between dBC and our competition.  We offer a fully comprehensive system, which would see sensible systems recommended, which would be reasonably practicable to implement.

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